Postpartum Recovery CD

Having a baby is wonderful…having the “baby blues” isn’t.

Avoid feelings of depression and stress with this postpartum visualization CD!

The birth of a baby brings incredible joy and blessings to your life. There are also dramatic hormonal shifts that occur after childbirth which can contribute to fluctuating emotions and stress. The Postpartum Recovery CD will help provide new mothers with much-needed emotional support during this time.

These supportive relaxation exercises will help:

  • Promote bonding with your new baby
  • Restore energy and rejuvenation
  • Speed postpartum healing
  • Support emotional well-being

Keep yourself feeling great by avoiding the “baby blues” all together. The Postpartum Recovery CD uses visualization techniques to help guide you through a successful and positive postpartum period. They are simple to do and don’t take much time at all. They can be done anytime, anywhere – especially when you are just not feeling yourself.

The weeks and months after baby’s arrival are truly amazing and exciting. But, for many new moms they have trouble feeling positive when their hormones seem to take control of their entire mind and body. This CD will help mama know that she is in charge of her mind and will have her smiling again in no time.

Makes a sweet and thoughtful gift to any new mom. It will be nice for her to know that you are concerned with her well-being. She’ll enjoy listening to a voice that understands exactly what she is feeling. Having a companion that knows her situation, knows what’s going on in her mind and most importantly, who is there to help. She’ll be thrilled to know that there is a way to get past her feelings of negativity and depression. And that the answer is as simple as listening to the CD and doing the simple exercises.

CD Tracks Include:

  1. Postpartum Recovery Visualizations 11:46
  2. New Mama Companion 20:06

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